Behind the Grill

Starting from a simple flat bed trailer, the Sin City Smoker rig has evolved into a BBQ championship vessle! The entire rig was hand built by Steve and his family. Talk about "Love for the grill!" 

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Now, when we say "competition grade BBQ" we mean championship winning BBQ! The Sin City Smokers have traveled all over the nation and have gone head-to-head with some of the best in the game. Steve is best known for his lip smackin ribs. The same ribs that have won him a first place trophy more times than any other category. The team's recent Grand Champion win placed the Sin City Smokers in the legendary "Jack" (a Jack Daniels sponsored world championship tournament at the Jack Daniels distillery where only the best compete.) It is no wonder that people come from all around to get a taste of this level of cook'n! 

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Boldest Griller in America: 


In May 2012 Steve entered The National Pork Board's recipe contest for "The Boldest Griller in America." The contest was put on by and judged by Guy Fieri. Steve, inspired by his grandmother's pork empanadas entered a recipe for "Poppin Pork Burgers with Green Apple Slaw." (check out the recipe at After a few weeks Steve won an all  expense paid trip to New York, he was one of 3 finalists. The competition was fierce but Steve came out on top winning points based on "Originality, boldness of flavor, and ease of preparation." Guy is seen in this photo congratulating Steve on his Victory. 

In order to get a reputation for "Great Barbecue" you have to of been to a few places! Steve and the Sin City Smokers have visited many barbecue tournaments accross the nation. During their travels, they have managed to stop and dine in some very interesting places. Here is a photo-log of some of the team's travels. Click on the images to learn more about the location or people. 

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